22 October 2012

have a magic week

We had a nice Saturday night full of laughs on my dad's name day. Mom had cooked a marvelous dinner as if a whole army would have come to visit. Many friends and relatives came to wish him. Other than this i went to my Godchild. This kind is growing very quickly. The weather became more chilly. I think it'll rain all week. My schedule is mostly the same... working, teaching, studying.... and training.
I try to balance my thoughts and feelings. I notice them without anger but with care. Many years went by with blame. Well no more blame and guilt and effort to be good and perfect. I'll never be perfect. It's like i'm chasing a ghosts.. Ghosts... that's the difficult part. To open the closet, let ghosts out, make peace with them, get them buried and forget them. I want to do that. Forget bad words, bad feelings and bad faces. To come clean with ungly situations and people that hurt me and be hurt by me in the past. I wish i had a magic pen to rewrite history. First thing is i need to forgive myself, deep down. To accept my anger and calm it down, reform it to good energy. You know this monster, which comes from inside bursts out and can shit you, yourself and your relationships... One minute you're an angel, the other you become a bitch witch. Weak human minutes we regret...
 i think i made you melancholic. So... here is something to cheer you up..
Have a magical time.. xoxo

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