25 October 2012

hi pumpkins. have a great day. Sun came again after some rainy days and my mood came up. I have a lot to do at the office but i don't want to work fast. i sense some bad announcements are coming at work. i feel that an end of an era is coming. To be honest i'm not sure that i want to stay. Perhaps it's time to change my working position. The environment is awful here. Nerves and yelling, bad salary, lies, lack of respect. Time/Universe/God will bring solution. I'm happy these days because a loving cousin of mine, who lives far away, sends me e-mails frequently. I love talking to her. She is also one of my biggest blogger fans. Thank you Vick. 
I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. We went to potiri, a cosy tavern in New Irakleio, Athens. The food is marvellous, like home made, the service is excellent and it's not expensive. It's my favourite place to eat. 
Shine in other people lives pumpkins.. 

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