31 October 2012

hi pumpkins. Sunny days returned, thank God.. my studies and work absorbed me so much that i didn't find time to post something. Tonight i'm going to the theatre and i'm thrilled because i have heard that this is a great performance. It's a greek production called "το μεγάλο μας τσίρκο" based on the history of the Greek nation. 
I have to read history and philosophy to fill the blanks of my knowledge for my studies. Challenging but exhausting!! 
A Klimt exhibition is coming to town next week. I can't wait to visit. A student of mine who constantly doesn't occupy with his lessons in German, had done his excercices yesterday and he made me happy and proud. I don't know if all teachers do that but i'm emotionally attached to all my students and i try to give, give constantly. 
I wish i could lay in my sofa right now, eat and watch a movie. But i can't. I have a teaching lesson in have an hour. 
Be kind to others lovelies... do good and it'll come back at you.

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