12 November 2012

dust of the past and miracle strikes again

Hi pumpkins, i had a weekend full of miracles. Let me start by saying; i had a birthday gathering with older friends and family members on Saturday night. We had an amazing time. I got exhausted by cleaning and cooking but i really don't care. I have invited facultymates that i haven't seen for long. And they came all. I was soo excited because i saw friends that i have missed for years, so excited i forgot to take some pictures. Perhaps i had in mind that i'll see them again soon, as if i didn't need to capture the moments because others would come soon. I remembered events, laughs and other sweetbitter memories. The excitement still remains and i wish deeply from my heart that we wouldn't lose each other again. On Sunday i had a teaching lesson, ate with family and then went to the hospital. My cousin Sophie gave birth to a cute girl. The number of my nieces grows and grows...
I intend to study today because with all my other occupations i've left studying behind. Tomorrow i'm meeting Arte und Amalia for lunch. I can't wait to see them because we have news to share. We haven't met for days. I can't wait to go the faculty again. It was closed for some days due to strikes. 

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Randi suggests:
Magic is simply making the unseen seen, a shift in perception, or the unspoken heard. It is an honoring of worldly (and otherworldly) nature and our own. The unspeakable is your wild wisdom, your intuition and your deep desire: a holy trinity of extravagant power in everyday women. The unspeakable is both unique and collective. The unspeakable is a departure from what no longer serves you. To speak it gives voice and action to your truth.
Unspoken truths are a muzzle on the soul with the whispers of your heart marking time by carving notches into its walls, like a forgotten prisoner of an innocent crime. Speaking the unspeakable transforms it. It becomes our magic and our power. What we can’t say rules us, and we are not meant to be ruled.
What will happen if you fan the flames of your truth, breathe air into its starved lungs or give words to your the feelings? Standing in your truth and owning it is also remembering the witches- the wise women who lived by their own lights, intuition and desires: les sages-femmes, jordmødrene, healers, teachers, storytellers and more. It’s honoring your lineage and sending up a smile to those that came before you and answering the dreams of those who will come after you.
Without owning our full selves, our wings are clipped. A bird can still sing for its master but never the song of her own experience, never the call of her own desire. She will miss her own flight and her own soaring.
Wise women throughout the ages have known The Rule of Threes. Whatever you put out there will come back to you threefold. It’s exponential. And so are you. A bird with wings.
Speaking your truth, your desire.
Your bones know. They are tuning forks for the soul. When we strike the right note, we feel it in our marrow. Deep knowing comes from within. The bones that give our earthly bodies structure also carry the resonance of our truth. For our souls to sing, this truth must be spoken. Transformation. Magic. The way of a witch, the art of a woman. Without it harmony is off and we are either sharp or flat with the subtlest vibrato of melancholy.

have an amazing week. I'll be back soon.. xoxo 


  1. A weekend full of miracles is a great weekend indeed :)

    1. i wish you a life full of miracles. Thank you for your comments.