19 November 2012

happy week

Happy week lovelies !!!
I had a quiet weekend, did some housework and studied a bit. I have a new teaching lesson and i'm thrilled because it's in advanced level so i'll have to try more. i love challenges. Love challenges, feel awkard with changes (absurd ha?). EventuaIly i didn't go to the movies, so it has to wait for this week. I did something this morning that i haven't done for long and it was quite refreshing. Walk a long distance to work. It was quite a meditation time actually, cause thoughts were coming as a brainstorm and i was trying to observe them and breathe. Then in a moment of enlightment i say "hey i'm almost meditating (with opened eyes of course, i was moving)". Next time you walk, let your thoughts embrace you. Let them be there. Don't try to control them or delete them. Just live them. Let them take you to a magic journey... Pills of paper wait for me on my desk. Duty calls. I'm sending you the warmest smile  and a huuuge hug.xoxo

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