30 November 2012

Here are just a few ways to find the calm:
Don't worry about things you can't control—which includes just about everything (bad news control freaks everywhere!)
Prepare to the best of your ability for events you know may be stressful, so that you are not operating in a wing and a prayer mode
Try to look at change as a positive challenge, not a threat.
Work to resolve conflicts with other people, even when you know you are right.
Ask for help from family, friends, clergy or professionals.
Set realistic goals at home and at work.
Exercise on a regular basis.

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/health/Eliminate-Stress-and-Find-the-Calm#ixzz2DkANKjLI


  1. If we spend more time not worrying about things that we can't control, we would all live happier lives :)