1 November 2012

"το μεγάλο μας τσίρκο". Made me laugh, cry and THINK

I had a great time last night. I watched "το μεγάλο μας  τσίρκο", an amazing performance. All played great, actors, dancers, mucisians.. when i left, i felt good and bad. Political thinking came to my mind. Where are we going ? We rise and fall all the time. One fight the other constantly. We rarely stand side by side. In big crisis we become united, but for how long? We make one step ahead and one step back.  
you can watch some trailers of the play here and here and interviews below: 
I think we should all watch or this kind of plays. It hides great truths about democracy, human rights and union. Political theatre, like this play, or like Brecht plays and many other theatrical authors keep our consciousness alive.  You can find details for the author here.
i can't say anything else in this post showing respect to the play. 

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