22 November 2012

Thoughts on reconsiliation

Good morning pumpkins
I was coming to work in the morning walking a long distance and thinking. These days i'm thinking a lot, meditating, doing my soul "digging". I'm very proud of me, in a moment of enlightment i realised that the key to my self balance is "reconciliation". There are sooo many things with whom i need to reconsiliate; my weakenesses, the fact that i'm getting older and i need to slow down. I work more now, i have less spare time and i need to slow down. I am always running to catch up everything. Now i need to reconsiliate with the fact that i have to do less training, that i'm getting exhausted easier. My pace should slow. I need to reconsiliate with my body, my wrinkles, the fact that i forget easier. Other facts are; that i may never have my older pilates teacher for training again, may never become a parent, learn tango or French. I may lose all friends with whom i fight a lot. I may travel less in the future, buy less things. May never become a famous writer, but i'll try to be a better teacher.  Loss is a part of life. I have to reconsiliate with this. But reconsiliation is maturity . Then there is HOPE. Hope that something goes but something comes. Youth leaves but wisdom arives. 
Perfection is utopic. Become better not perfect. That's my moto from now on. I advice you to think: what you fear, what you need. And RECONSILIATE with these. Embrace your uniqueness, love and treasure it. 

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