15 November 2012

Twilight is coming at last and other thoughts

good morning lovelies.. thank God the weather is getting better. It's cold but the sun started to shine.. i love the sunshine. Clouds make me melancholic. I have many things to do today starting from buying my books for the University, i didn't go the other day.  What's more? I want to watch the last part of Twilight. it comes out today! i'm planning on going to the cinema with girlfriends for a girly night.

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Write me about your plans pumpkins. Whisper your deepest desires to the universe, it will listen. That's a promise. Then a magic journey will start. It happened to me. Why doesn't that happen to you too?
love you.....


  1. I have never seen Twilight but would love to see it sometime!

  2. twilight is a series of romance basically. i have loved the 1st, 3rd and 4th part. The second wasn't so good(my opinion) but it's good for a quiet winter evening or night, if you like romantic movies. Surely there are better romances than these but i love the series. The play, music, scenery.