28 November 2012

what is happening to me???

hi pumpkins.. i have missed you soo much, but my life these days is like driving a roller coaster.. let me start by saying that i haven't seen the alarm clock correctly today and i left home in 5: 45 a.m to go to work, whilst i'm  usually getting up at 6 a.m. i was at 5 a.m awake and i thought it was 6. so i got ready, left the house and then saw my watch another time. Duaaahhh, i realized i was one hour earlier awake.. the alarm of my mobiltelephone started ringing when i was in the bus.. To laugh or to be scared ?? I had a book with me to read on the bus, got off at the middle of the distance and come to work on foot. it was nice eventually... i promised myself that i medidate (let thoughts brainstorm me) with eyes open (i was walking) but do not allow myself to think about work or school (university). i did perfectly well. The psychoanalysis and reiki help me so that words reveal as goals to me.. First it was reconciliation then it was forgiveness and acceptance. These are my motives these days... 
HAVE A NICE LOVELY WEEK (although we are in the middle of it). 
i have sooo much to do... and so many to deal with...  i finally went to the movies for Breaking Dawn part II. I loved it but I believe that the first part of  Twight was the best, may have been the excitement of something new... 
love you all.... smile and do your best on loving, it will return to you, definetely... xoxo

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  1. Sounds like you've been very very busy!! I've awoken before and been mistaken about the time - it happens :)