10 December 2012

Does mind make miracles?

Good morning pumpkins... have a great week. i feel good. i had a great weekend. i invited the gilrs for dinner and talk  on Saturday night and we had a great time... too cold outside.. On Saturday i stayed in all day. Yesterday i stayed in almost all day. i only went for a coffee with my friend Vasia. it was nice staying in almost all weekend. I watched NY I love you in DVD.. great movie, quite lyric. it's been long since i watched a movie that touched me soo much. 

As i was coming at work today, i did my usually walk to the office, i was thinking about my effort to reconsilition. Does it come by itself or should i try? i think it has to do with the way i'm thinking.  i also need to let go of some things, let go of chasing perfection.. love me as i am. Reconsiliate with age and image isn't an easy case. 
I caught myself doubting my progress in psychoanalysis the other day. i was told that there are times during sessions that you doubt about what you're doing, it's normal. Suddenly everything that my therapist told me sound irrational to me. I need to believe in the power of my mind and that sounds unbelievable. She says the mind make miracles.. i cannot believe that the mind can solve illness.. they say that it can, it has won cancer at some cases. why not battle infertility? i need to work at that part but also balance my hopes and feelings. i doubt starting the effort. If i'm negative though, my mind will be too and won't proceed. I need to believe that i can make it!! But can i? or i'm just starting to lose it?? 

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  1. No you're not starting to lose it :) mind over matter dear...mind over matter.