3 December 2012

Good morning pumpkins...
Happy week. I had a quite weekend, did soo many things. Finally i managed to study for 4-6 hours, i had teaching, cleaned the house, ironed pills of clothing, went shopping and bought a chair for my desk at home. i spent Saturday night with my man, sisi and her boyfriend, i made pizzas and we watched "Matchstick Men" with Nicolas Cage. Amazing...
You can watch a trailer Here.
This week i have much to do. i'm anxiously waiting for tomorrow. I have a new aerobics lesson. I'm curious to see if i'll make it. It's ages since the last time i had aerobics. On Wednesday i have a meeting with one of my german teachers. we'll discuss a paper i'm working on and he'll give  corrections (spooky....). 
So what are you up to this week? , come on tell me. 
I'm sending you lots of love and positive energy..

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