28 January 2013

hi pumpkins, i had a peaceful weekend, i stayed mostly in. It was raining too hard outside. I studied a lot, cleaned the house, baked a tart with marmelade, spoke with friends on the phone, watched a great movie on DVD (see above trailer), i recommend it.  i try to control my stress, exams are coming the day after tomorrow. A student of mine is giving exams tomorrow and i'm a little stressed about it too. 
I'm so happy, i made some shopping on Saturday, mostly teas and biscuits. My mother in law gave me a silver ring of hers, from a past decade today and i love it.  It has a blue stone on it, my colour. Thank you soo much..
i had a strange dream the other night. My house was burning...nothing was saved.. i don't know what it means.. it may mean change, or regeneration? does anybody know how to explain it??
P.S yoga poses to help your neck.. my constant pain


  1. Nice to find your blog. A house on fire in which everything is lost means to me that it's time for a change! Good luck!

    1. thank you Katherine.. may all your dreams come true.