1 January 2013

Santa is here

I wish you the very best and many happy moments to come. i have missed you but i had so much to do. My bro had birthday, i had teaching lessons, friends and family to visit and a lunch to organise today. everything went great. we gathered 15 people and i loved the fact that they left my home happy and with tupperware full of food. i felt great. i feel great when i give. so i decided that my secret powers for 2013 will be "give" and "wait" , give love and compassion. And wait love to grow, situations to mature. i always were impatient. Now it's time to obtain patience. I feel strong. i don't fear the unknown...
Below is some advice i found interesting (it works): 

Many many hugs and kisses... I also have news for you. Santa exists...Just look inside your hearts..

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