4 January 2013

things that came in mind on friday morning: time is never enough

i have a friend and facultymate at the University. I'm almost 40 and she is almost 60. Helen is a French teacher, who retires next year. We had a talk some days ago about studying and she told me "i'm afraid i don't have much time left to do what i want". I didn't respond to that and kept it in mind. These words were coming and going in my mind. The truth is; who knows how much time he has left? Who knows if we finish our studies before something bad or inevitable happens that stop or change our whole lives ? I don't know if she spoke out of fear or immaturity. She is nervous and anxious like a kid, although she isn't. I don't know if my thoughts hide maturity or certainty (you know i'm younger than her, more time logically, but where logic fits to fate?). i've known her for a year and i always try to reassure her that everything is gonna be ok, but that process is an energy vampire from time to time. She seems powerful but she has so many uncertainties. I like her though and she had helped me with my studies (i did too) so i try to forget her delirium. 
Time is never enough, that's why it's valuable. Enjoy the coming weekend. I'll visit friends, cook and clean the house. I have to study.. The clock has started ticking for the exams........
i'll leave you now with a kiss and the following song. xoxo

Dedicated to unspoken love feelings.. we all had once.

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  1. Helen's fears are common to us all. None of us know what's right around the corner - but that's what is so beautiful about life :)