2 February 2013

Happiness: Truth or dare

happy weekend pumpkins.. it's freezing outside, the house is freezing too. i hug a cup of hot coffee to warm my fingers. i have to plan a teaching, go teaching and then go to write exams. i feel calm. it's like my mind is a bookcase and everything  fits in place... i don't know what i prefer.. that or chaos. i believe that chaos is a more normal situation for the brain. Chaos brings up brainstorming ideas... Tideness is too set up.. or do we need both from time to time??? What do you plan for the weekend? i have to stay mostly in and study. Tomorrow i'm meeting friends to study for the exams on Monday... i want exams to end.. i want all bad/unsolved situations to end.... I dare you universe,, bring happiness to everyone, put everything in place!!
Happiness it is.. Truth or dare?? i say DARE

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