1 February 2013

love and other disappointments

one thing is coming in and out of my mind tonight. my need to write. I'm studying about german syntax and other stuff i'm working out kind of fitness and psychotherapy. i never stop. i'm glad i can get bad things out of my system with training. I sweat and forget. i visited a student of mine tonight. She is 14 and was crying because a friend of her was "bullying" against her. About her acne and her weight. My student is such a nice shy girl and that's the problem. if she was rude and agressive none would bully against her... that's what i hate .. that sometimes good guys have to transform to bad guys in order to survive. What a jungle we're linving in. I advised her to stand against the rude schoolmate without violence or insults. To ignore her if possible. That could make the rude to explode. Because she has the problem, not my tiny friend. My tiny friend needs more self confidence, which comes by age. 
i hate disappointments. a friend of mine has fallen in love with a guy much much younger than her, 10 years in fact. She is carried away and full of anticipation. I can't ruin her dream, i can't be the bad girl. I told her not to expect much and i really thought i did the right thing but i'm not in her shoes. I don't know what i could have done, if i were her. Waiting something to happen is an exciting feeling, but also carries pain if the expectations fall apart. I wish that the guy could see her real beauty, the one hidden in the heart and that the years couldn't be an obstacle. she deserves to be happy, she says he is a nice guy. Both deserve to be happy, why not together?? Come on universe do the best for them both.
that's all for now pumpkins.. love you and miss you.xoxo


  1. In that event, you can't really do anything other than be there and support her. She has to find out this on her own :)