25 February 2013

my new cell phone and other things

Happy week pumpkins...
I'm so happy.. i bought a new cell phone and i'm totally attached to it.. I was against cell phones with touch screen, internet and other qualifications but when i touched it i lost my mind... all my beliefs about not being attached to material and things vanished.. I can't leave it from hands.. i know, i know.... i'll get over it soon. I gave myself 3 days to recover, so there is 1 day left. 
Benetton has 70% sales in the centre of Athens. i bought a pair of trousers, a blouse, a shirt and a green wool dress for 50 euros all. I feel soo lucky.
i had a peaceful weekend, mostly i went out, including my sister's birthday party. we had a great time. i'll post some photos tonight. Today started the new semester at the faculty. They are talking about starting a strike, because of the new law that wants to unite all faculties of foreign philologies (english, italian, german, french and spanish) in one (God vorbid!!). It's part of the total mess. Later on i have a lesson, training at the gym and pilates. 
What are you up to this week? I wish you the very best... . i'll be back soon. xoxo


  1. Congrats on the new cell phone!! I need to get one myself :)

  2. thank you. my old one was 7 years. i needed a change. The thing is i don't have a good relationship with new technology. i suck. i still try to write a message and find out other applications...