22 February 2013

rain and other thoughts

good morning lovelies..it's still raining.. it's not simply raining cats and dogs but all the animal kingdom!!! I got wet just to cross the road, thank God my brother brought me to work, but i managed to get wet with all this rain.. my office windows stand across Titania hotel in Athens. I can never see anything because the curtains are closed and lights are off. Today it seems that the rooomates are worried about the rain, or what and many lights are on. They cannot sleep. Being in Athens for vacation with this weather is a real curse.. I see only the lights open and imagine what's happening behind these heavy curtains.. Families getting prepared for breakfast, friends chatting and couples making love.. the thoughts are running wild like the rain..  
New day... full of challenges.. Today an old boyfriend of mine has birthday. I wish him the very best.. we haven't talked for 12 years.. i don't know where and how he is, i hope he's fine.. i always remember him with love.. 
i haven't any plans for today.. just work and training.. i said training below are interesting articles from Sarah: the mistake i used to make with training and fun food ideas. Other to read: how yoga helped me deal with the death of my best friend , why to use lavender oil and stop worrying about your negative thoughts.

The rain stopped. i bet sun will show up in less than 2 hours. i'm still struggling with my negative thoughts and shit... a thunder and it started raining again. life is unpredictable.. That's why it's worth living every moment. Breathe deep. Say "I'm strong" and smile... you 're half way to achieve what you wish for.. Just believe in it. i'll be soon back.. love ya..

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