11 March 2013

Balancing my dark side

hi pumpkins.. have a happy week. i had a great weekend.. i barely relaxed but i got a marvellous time. i went  out, i danced, drank and had lots of fun. This year i decided to dress up like a vampire for the Greek Haloween, so here it goes : i was really scary in the dark and while i wasn't smiling. i wanted to explore my dark side this year, to balance with my "bad" side, which is hunting me.. and i really enjoyed it. Too bad i didn't bite too many..
So now but to the routine... i need to keep the passion of the vampire at any of my occupations. studying, working. i've been quite a lazy one lately..
Thank God the sun is shining again..
got to go for now.. love you sooo much. xoxo
PS : 5 tips to look more beautiful

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