5 March 2013

good morning pumpkins.. thank God good weather has returned, i wish it stayed for long. i made a coffee, sat in my desk and i try to organise my daily routine and duties. I have a lesson at 4 a.m i have to prepare, my notes needs rewriting and there is also office work.. these days my mood fluctuates.. there are moments of calmness and times of melancholy... minutes i need to run away, hide, and others when i want to sozialise, to go out, smile and be around loving ones. This happens for some moments, not hours, not days. There is a coming carneval party next weekend, my gym organises it, that i'm not dying to go. But if i don't, i'll may regret it, like last year.. i think i need some vitamins to strengthen my body and a lot of sleep. i feel exhausted. 
A morning parisian sensation of the main theme of the movie Ratatouille. i love this movie. 

So go out, astonish yourself and others.. 
love you.. xoxo

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