8 April 2013

Happy week pumpkins... i had a peaceful weekend.. Most of the time i was out.. i went for lunch with friends, did some shopping and visited my friend Arte for her birthday. We ate dinner, birthday cake and watched Visconti's "Death in Venice".. amazing movie... i love getting older and changing habits. if we were younger we would go to a club and dance till morning.. now we watched a movie and talked.. you have to watch it. 
this week i have doctor appointments, dentist and endocrynologist, i'm a bit nervous about that. 
I went to university today. i love going to the university library, getting around its corridors searching for books. i love the smell of the books.. i have started studying. I'm doing research on Thomas Mann and "Death in Venice", i also have homework on Kleist. This semester is going to be difficult. But i love challenges... 
The weather doesn't help a bit, cloudy and melancholic.. My close facultymate Amelie is leaving for Germany next semester, she was accepted on a University there. I'm very proud of her. I'll miss her.. 
Be the best of yourself.. and smile.. Promise?? xoxo 

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