3 April 2013

i'm still in bed with a flu, thank God i don't have fever today. So i mostly rest... i'll watch  "the dictator" in DVD and i also need to organise my notes at the university and study a bit. A good friend told me in the morning at the phone "the only time you stay in bed is when you are sick". i laughed, she is so right, i cannot stay in bed. i hardly sleep 6 hours every day and most of the day i'm out, working, studying, teaching, training, living.. 
i'm having a yogurt with cranberries for dinner, a good movie and a good night kiss. the wind outside is blowing hard and i think of all the homeless people.. i wish all could have a warm shelter, people and animals... i feel good despite the flu.. i'm thinking of all people i love and take strength. So tonight think of people you close inside your heart. Your heart will get warm instantly.. 
another advice from Tiny Buddha. 

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