29 May 2013

Paying attention to the smaller things in life that you might overlook could not only make you feel more connected to your environment but it might also help you develop a greater awareness of the beauty that exists in everything in this world. If you can see that even the most miniscule things are part of the universe, you might begin to realize just how much you are surrounded by things that are true miracles. While walking from place to place today, you might make a point to breathe deeply and look around you. As you breathe, try to consciously slow yourself down enough to notice everything around you—the petals on a flower or the cracks in the sidewalk. Slowing down and seeing your world in this way could give you a greater appreciation of the intricacies of your life and the bounty that exists in each and every thing. 

Every aspect of our lives is filled with wonder. Since our lives are often so hectic, it is easy to miss the simple joys that exist along our usual path. We might be thinking about something else and fail to notice just how much we are blessed by beauty. When you take the time to become more aware of your world today, the things you tend to neglect will become focal points and this time can become a living, breathing meditation on the splendor of your life. 

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