20 June 2013


good morning pumpkins..
i feel great today, i had a great time yeesterday. i changed my hair colour, i had my hair cut, i feel like new.. i wanted a change. Then i had lunch with my friend Sophie , who just arrived from Paris and brought me a Hermes' scarf. I adore this girl.. we talked about Paris, professional plans and other things.. i wish she could introduce me to the publisher she works for (she says she'll do something).. i'm thinking of translation much lately... from German to Greek.  we'll see. 
i went to movies to watch the great Gatsby. i loved it. All actors played marvellous.. Watch it..vanity makes me sad.. the main characters sway among wealth, vanity, morality, weakness and emotions.. at the end you find yourself excusing all behaviors. sympathise both with bad and good guys. or i did... i try to see things/situations spherical.. i found the book of Fitzerald in my bookcase. i'll read it in the next days. 
what are you up to today? i'm at the office. i have viel to study for university. i'm learning  literature theories these days.. i sprained my leg yesterday night (high heels accident may keep today away from training.. i'll train others only). 
Got to go now... remember to shine and thrive! xoxo

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