24 June 2013

why aren't we searching for love?

hello pumpkins, how was your weekend? i had a marvellous time. i went out, i even went clubbing, i can't remember when was the last time i went dancing.. well i enjoyed it. i couldn't manage to go swimming. so i didn't wear my new swimming suit. i'll do it perhaps next weekend. but i visited friends, went out, did some shopping, a huge handbag and 2 dresses, pink and blue. i had no teaching this weekend so i rested i tried to sleep in the afternoon to get the extra rest i needed. i was out till late at night. Today i was off work so i relaxed but tomorrow is a tough and very busy day at the office. My busy daily schedule as always... but i feel complete. i have to study for the faculty too and that goes too slow. i need to speed up. my other activities steal much time.. i have to reschedule..
When was at the club on Saturday night, at a beach club in fact i was looking around and watched many companies of people, girl companies, guy companies, friends, who were enjoying themselves alone. and i asked myself? where has gone love? Flirt? Companies didn't reach other. They were separate. What are we afraid of? Why don't we make new friends? Why aren't we searching for love? Just think about it?

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