11 July 2013

My gym_ the final countdown

Good morning pumpkins.. i'm in a melancholic mood today. The gym i'm training and train others will be closed for good till the end of the month. I hate that, i feel empty, like i've been robbed. i wish something/a miracle happen and things changed. i know that an ending is a new start but i can't concentrate on that right now. i need to mourn, to release the grief so that it'll vanish and leave place for new beginnings. New gym, new people. I was there for 15 years. Almost a life.. i lived there many important events of my life, i took many lessons, find friends and life teachers, i loved training,  i loved helping people to practise and regain physical strength.  
I had heard that it would be closed a long time ago, i didn't want to believe it. Deep down i  still don't. I should have been prepared. But how far can we prepare ourselves for a loss? The pain will come. Then you need to stick to people that give us comfort, people that love us, so that we regain strength.  These are some last photos of my friends and trainees.. 

but the show must go on..  

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