25 July 2013

the end always hurts

hello pumpkins... today is a new day.. yesterday i came across a very bad event quite suddenly. so suddenly i never managed to say goodbye. my gym closed unexpectedly. cowards act. i knew is gonna happen. i thought i had some days left to say goodbye properly, to throw a a good bye party.  Nothing of that happened. i had a call to cover a shift the day before yesterday. So i did, i went yesterday afternoon to do my job. and i find it closed.. with an announce,ent on the door. "Closed  for keeps. Thank you. Have a nice summer". i wanted to scream.. i couldn't, no voice could come out.. anger was coming up.. i tried to concentrate, i bursted into tears. That was it... i know, i know all this stuff about new beginnings.. BUT this was my second home. i couldn't catch up a proper goodbye. Couldn't someone call and tell me, not to go? what kind of joke was that? To face reality, bump...
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i'll get over it... other information from blogger friends: food to avoidabout failure
i have to go now.. today's programme includes studying and going to the doctor for the flu that hasn't gone yet.. i'm still caughing and hardly speaking. it's been 10 days..
remember to wear your best smile and be brave.. i just did a brave act.. i posted my objection to the municipality, which is the owner to the gym.. i don't expect that something will come out of it.. But i'm 40, i'm a fighter and i can't close my eyes and shut my mouth anymore... i cannot pretend.. 
love guys...

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