3 July 2013

trainer and friend

my gym

the days pass by and i get melancholic because i'll stop supervising in the gym. Perhaps the gym i'm going will close next September for good... so many momories.... i'm trying to deal with it.. I'm struggling among fighting to keep it open or let it go. 15 years going there made it my second home. Last year i was occasionally teaching pilates, this year i'm weight instructor. i love when people come to me and tell me that back- or leg pains have vanished because of my techniques. Or that they feel full of energy or better psychologically. Most of them are searching for a company more than training. That is also important. To offer a friend and  a trainer. That is not always possible, but teachers have to try being friends. Other advice from internet: effective detox nutrition habitswhat to teach your daughters..
my day is as always, work, gym, home. i may have lunch with 2 loving friends of mine, Am and Arte. we haven't met for long, but talk frequently on the phone. Exams are over. I left most of the lesons for September exams. i was soo tired to read, learn anything..
i'll be back soon...

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