17 September 2013

happy Tuesday lovelies... i had so much to do i didn't have time to post anything. The University is closed, in fact one day is open and two days is closed and that means nerves up because either exams are cancelled or you don't know if you're giving exams or not. I was thinking about the situation, teachers have every right to strike but i believe that the only people that are affected from this situation are the students who are living away and they don't know when to buy a ticket to get back to school, or those who work and they don't know when to take the day off to study. Higher levels of government don't give a penny. random thoughts and rambling...
Plans of the day, practising yoga and pilates, studying, working, listening to music almost all day long, reading a book on the bus, buying pencils and other stuff for the school period. I was also thinking i need a good pair of athletic shoes, but i can afford it right now, i have birthday and wedding presents to buy..
Now i remembered, i wrote nothing about the conference i went on Friday and Saturday. It was a conference for German teachers. I met really interesting and inspirational people. 

Ι returned home and my head was full of ideas..  about teaching, redecorating my office to be more student friendly. 
what are you being up to? xoxo

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