23 January 2014

hi pumpkins... i haven't slept much last night but i'm feeling good.. a blogger friend of mine left me a note that he had missed my posts and that really touched my heart... thanks again my friend, it's very important hearing that from you. I dive into the internet to bring you new information and then i'll tell you all about my news..
i spent time reading literature, i'm reading about global theater and theatrical authors (i think that is what they are called). I recently fell in love with Friedrich_Duerrenmatt and his play The Visit, i also have to write a paper about it for my studies and i'm doing some research. Other things: i put my students paint in a German lesson and they really enjoyed it.. Reiki has opened more my intuition and yoga my body... I realised that i love teaching yoga and German equally.. there are times though i prefer to be called German teacher than yoga teacher.. But they have common points.. like love, respect, inspiration, and humanity... In both fields i teach that...i'm a teaching freak i know....
coming back...xoxo

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