7 January 2014

New Year ramblings..

Hi pumpkins... Long time no hearing from me... New Year found me thinking about my life.. new friendships are created, some old ones vanished suddenly. That hurt me, because i didn't have time to realise what happened. There came one day, when we stopped calling each other.. i tried.. she didn't. In my fourties i came to realise that i can't try alone.. i need a partner to fight to keep a friendship alive. I decided i'll try only for what it's worth.. this year i'll change my life philosophy..
i have new teaching lessons and that makes me smile.. i like people trusting me to teach them.. i hate my morning job and i wish that changed as soon as possible.. In my christmas vacations i mostly relaxed.. Slept a lot. Not much TV or movies,  went out with friends. I came to see "Hunger games part II". i enjoyed it, but i liked the first one more. 

Tomorrow i'm going to the theatre to watch Gengangere of  Henrik Ibsen .  I adore his theatrical plays. I have started studying for my exams. The university has opened finally..
First exam on 1/19....damned..
My general mood is balancing between good mood and melancholy. i'm mostly melancholic.. The bad thing is that i forget how many people love me and count on me... 
Nothing is for granted.. i keep on forgetting that, i shouldn't..
Got to get back to work.. have the best time coming...xoxo

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