21 March 2014

things on my mind on Friday morning

hi pumpkins... how are you ?? i'm fine.. with a spring allergy but i can make it.. i'm still writing my first essay and i have 3 to go.. i should finish it some time soon. I have a deadline till 14th April.. i did a pause to write to you.. days come and go and i think about German, in German.. i'm completely absorbed by my essays.. But i miss body training.. I don't thonk that the situation will change soon.. Not since 14th of April.. Things i did last week..i went to the cinema and watched:

great Judie.. as always..
i enjoyed sushi with my friend Sophie, this girl is a treasure, went to the theatre, practised yoga and had teaching hours.. my kids move on and that gives me courage.. 
on Sunday night i drank beers with friends at my favourite place.. 

that is all for now.. have to go. i wish you have an amaziing weekend.. xoxo

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