25 January 2010

the weekend is off

Good morning my darlings, what are you up to this week? How was the weekend? I'm feeling much much better. I had a full weekend; cleaning the house, reading, giving lessons to my young devils and cocooning. It's freezing outside. The snow is coming, I'm sensing it. 
I believe this week will bring a lot of anxiety. Three of my students are giving exams. This makes me very nervous.

 Thank God for yoga. 

When I'm feeling too stressed when I return home, I lay on the floor, stare at the ceiling, doing absolutely nothing. It's like I try to be absorbed by the colour of the ceiling. I stay there for 10 minutes. My head gets totally empty. I feel more calm then. 

Or I light some candles sit on a lotus position (see picture ), take some breathes, try to empty my head and focus on the sound of my voice saying ""oooooooooooommmmmmmmm". It REALLY helps. 
Try it and you'll see. 

So share your anxieties/fears  with me. You 'll feel much better after.

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