4 April 2010

easter moments: part II

These days are sunny and relaxing. I had some days off work in order to clean the house, make spring preparations, meet friends and relax. I called my grandpa to wish him for Easter and every time I do I promise I'd call more often but finally I didn't. that's a regret. I also regret calling relatives I have to because of my parents. They have a good relationship with them. I don't. In fact I can't stand them. There were times I wanted to punch their faces. No more typical relationships. I should quit that, I have no reason pushing myself to remain the "good" girl. I'm too old (36!!) to remain daddy's good girl. Then again I think "ok it's Easter. God tought love even between enemies". Patience is a life lesson after all. 
How was your day my pumpkins?? 
I watched "Remember me" Pattinson's (Twilight) new movie. He is good, a real hunk. He fulfills again the stereotype of the melancholic problematic teenager. But it's worth watching it. 
Make your days sunny and lovely. 

I'm ready to eat a cream brulee for dinner.yyyyyyyyyyyammm

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