2 April 2010

easter moments

Easter is a perfect period to feel love, to give love, to mind all regrets and start over with a pure heart. What does a "shin" mean? What we think it's more important than what we eat. What we say under nerves and bitterness are also to consider. I promise from now on I'll give more love, watch my mouth, control my nerves. 
I'm happy because I've got HIM. HE makes me happy again, our differences are aside for good. I promise to cherish HIM and make HIM happy, HE needs it. HE is my whole world even when HE is absent.  
i love you all. take care, make your days brighter, give love around you and this will get back to you.

........Carrie and Mr Big reminds me so much of me and HIM!!
happy easter

PS From now I'll no longer write "HIM" but him. It's an insult to God I think. 

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