19 October 2010

good morning

my pumpkins.. how are you doing? I've caught a flu but I'm hanging on there. i'm spending the day with duckie and that alone is a reason to celebrate. we have work to do together but we will also fool around, watch a movie, talk.. etc.

....somebody shout the lady next to me in my office. It's very hard to bare. I pretend I don't hear her. But it's soo difficult hearing all the bad situations, black pictures she's babling around. It's like; "the world will explode in three seconds and we cannot do something about it. We are poor, destined to be abused in any case, we have nothing, there is no joy, blb bla. ". What a miserable woman!!! I have to do something. I yelled, I was polite, I was rude, she doesn't understand. So I beg universe, please do something!!! She definetely needs a shrink. Or do I, begging universe to do something with her?
I rest my case. I need Amelie right now. love you.

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