21 October 2010


hi, lovabies...
how are you today? I was so busy yesterday I didn't have time to post something. My hand is giving a hard time, rather is tenonditis, (pc hand illness from too much writing), but I'll never stop posting thoughts. I spent a good time at dickie's. He always fixes my mood. We were quite focused at work, so we really proceeeded the dissertation, we're up to and that was really destressing. Yesterday i had pilates class and german lessons and my day was full. Thank God the weather is better too. It smells autumn at last, it seemed winter came suddenly but it fixed. 
mm today; german, pilates and drinks with my close friend Helen. 
keep up and write a comment... say something.
PS: I refuse to get miserable because of the bad economic situation of Greece. It involves me but I deny that depression. I also deny to go along with the "Island" trend that hit us, because of the series at television. 
love you

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