22 October 2010

good intentions, misunderstandings

hi lovabies. The weather got worse within the latest hours. Cold air is blowing, fallen leaves are dancing tango. I am almost sleeping on my desk. I haven't slept well. So I'm writing to you in order not to get asleep. Well that sounded awful...that is not my only reason, I always want to talk to you. 
Anyway, I was talking to a friend last night,out of good intentions, to clear things out about a situation that wasn't really my business but it involved two people I feel close. Finally after talking I realised that I had misunderstood the whole situation. Discussion really solve things and misunderstandings. So don't let the ego take charge on situations. When you are uncertain, afraid, stressed, furious, or happy, in the mood to share,  talk. Talking serves. 
I was disappointed though because things won't turn out as I expected. I'm too sentimental eventually. I see romance everywhere and that's prohibited at our times.   
I wish I were a love fairy and could turn all people fall in love. 

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