7 April 2011

good night

pumpkins... days pass, i work, practice pilates, study, then work again,  sleep a little. i need to calm down, sleep much. I met my friend Vaso today, who i had months to see and i am happy about it. we spent two hours talking without noticing time. she has the enthusiasm of a little girl. i love her for that.
i'm reading Herman Hesse in the bus, before going to bed. i recently discovered him and i'm stuck to his writings. He writes in 1918 and it's like speaking for the present.
Tomorrow is also a difficult day at work. Thank God the sun is shining outside and I have german to read. 
Duckie is absent but this is reality. After our last fight things worsened for good. i'm really tired of his attitude. i know i kept saying that and then accepted his return saying how good he was. But that changed. I reached my limits this time. 
I can tolerate much but not insults from people i have loved, supported, helped and cared. Not feeling gratitude is not immaturity, it is blasphemy. 
i' m so tired, need my bed. 
love you.xoxo

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