4 April 2011

good morning

lovabies.. have a nice week. well the yoga festival was an amazing, memorable experience. I practiced yoga, relaxed mentally, confronted all my bad and good feelings that came out through practising. I realised how good the teacher is. i called her as soon as i left the festival to express my graditude. 
When the workshop of nidra yoga stopped, the teacher asked us to express ourselves through painting. So here is my creation.
i think that my need to adopt a kid came out, as well as the need to have a life full of flowers and water. I also thought of Japan and the disaster  that japanese people suffer from. Let's all pray that the situation become better and the catastrophe stops. 
this week is going to be full of work activities. 
i feel gratitude of being healthy and occupied though.
remember to smile and hug.
love you

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