1 April 2011

how much bad luck can someone handle?

good morning pumpkins... i need vacation. i was thinking about it, as i was coming at the office this morning. The last two weeks at work were a nightmare. The bad thing is that this situation will keep on, God knows for how long. The problem is the bad attitude of the new head manager, not the work itsself.  If you add my stress and exhaustion because of writing the essay and the fighting with Duckie, you got the whole picture of a woman ready to collapse. There comes the pick of the iceberg. A friend of mine, who is a good one, but very, very, competitive is coming to the yoga festival and she is following the same sessions with me. Tons of negative energy!! I haven't invited her because i needed to avoid it. But the universe wanted to give me a lesson. So she is going to sit next to me. I'll try to be nice when she'll watch every move of mine to check out if she's doing better than me. 
Yoga teaches kindness and tolerance. Here is my test. I realise from time to time that I'm learning my lesson, but I still have way to go. I can't control my nerves competely. 
Yesterday I went shopping. I bought books. Books and DVDs are my favourite shopping. 
I bought How lovely with quotes of Audrey Herburn and i'm in the middle of it. I'm reading it without pauses. She was such a sweet, generous and kind woman. I have to try hard to remain kind in many cases. 
I'll let you know how it goes at the festival. I'll get pictures if I can.
Be kind!! smile and hug. Weekend is here, that is very optimistic.

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