18 April 2011

happy week pumpkins

i had a quiet weekend. On Saturday night i went out with two of my old schoolmates, (Alex and Makis) and my best friend Sophie. We had dinner and talked (silly me i didn't think of making pictures). We also decided to organise a reunion of the 20 years this summer. It may be a bit depressive. I heard that there are a lot of them in jail, one had committed suicide. I think we were rather agressive and quite rebels for our age. Late 80s differed from 90s or 00s. I was the good girl (kind od Sandy on Grease 1), but the who was afraid of trying new thinngs and scared to comfront everyone. I always needed a safety net. Thank God things changed later on. If someone told me back then what's coming "I'd say "dude you're dreaming, that is another person, not me"".
I was seriously thinking of trying to approach duckie again. My ego is hardly stopping me from calling him and ask him to meet. I've already sent him an e-mail explaining why i was pissed off. He hadn't replied. If he doesn't, i won't try to meet him soon, i'll let time pass. Perhaps he hadn't checked his e-mails. Or he is mad at me, i think he's not though because we talked on the phone and his voice was ok. He told me to meet him and i replied i didn't have time, but 24 hours later i changed my mind. Before changing my mind i sent him the e-mail, which wasn't very polite. I know "Think before you act ". i didn't. So the hell it is.
i'll let you know what happens next.
The pressure at work is huge, nerves are trembling, blood pressure is coming up. Inhale, exhale for help. 
 Thank God vacations are coming in two days.
The wather is cloudy again. The cold returned. Spring, were are you hidden?
get dressed warm and don't forget to say "i love you" to your close ones.

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