16 May 2011

pumpkins.. i'm a week closed at home. Fever fell just in the morning to normal levels 36+. i'm still coughing, my mood is better. the thought that this very minute i would be hanging around Berlin, drives me nuts!!! Anyway things should have been that way, so be it. I'll travel another time. Time passes with DVDs series, like "Sex and the City", "Dawson's Creek" and "Gossip girl" (my latest discovery: here , played also on Greek "STAR" channel every weekend at 18:00).
I'm going for checks-ups and doctor visits today. I do not miss that i'm not working. I needed some time off. I miss pilates training. Perhaps I'll start next week. I hate the fact that certain friends, whom I expected to call me checking up on me, didn't. Duckie is away for good. I'm trying to accept that he won't be back. Thank God I enjoy the support and pumpering of Sakis, who had become a real nurse and doesn't complain at all (you're an angel.. honey), all my family was there bringing medicines, chocolates and love. Love you..
This is the worst period to get sick. The sun is shining. I want to run outside,uhhhhhh.
love you pumpkins. keep on smiling.

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