17 May 2011

good afternoon

lovabies: the fever fell. i feel much better. I think i could go to work in 2 days. i missed my job. i missed training too. i sent a message to Duckie today. i couldn't stand his absence. His reply  was typical and cold. He is spending time with his princess abroad for weeks. And he couldn't find 2 minutes to text me something all this time!!! I'm furious because i cancelled mine in Berlin, i'm sick and he has totally written me off.  That's what hurts most. I got to keep straight ahead. Close the door behind me and never look back. Let time heal wounds. The whole situation left me with a huge ? and a hole inside. But i'm not in the mood to discuss it with him. This very minute i feel like i don't ever want to see him again.
i'll get better. your positive thoughts always help me...

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