18 May 2011

Brave men

Tim Hetherington was a film maker, who was killed on 20.4.2011 in Libya. Chris Hondros, a journalist, died by his severe wounds in the head. They were both fighting for truth, dignity and human rights in Middle East. These people were real heroes. They remind to all of us how tiny and meaningless (sometimes) our life is. I'm speechless. May their souls rest in peace.
you can read more about them to the links below.
Sources of information: http://2or3things.blogspot.com/Hetherington workChris_Hondroschris hondros work.in-memoriam-tim-hetherington-1970-2011-chris-hondros-1970-2011/,interview-with-photographer-chris-hondros-on-why-he-did-the-job/

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