20 May 2011

sunny day

pumpkins......spring is everywhere, ready to warm our hearts. I'm back at work at last. I have a full programme but i feel strong to proceed. I went shopping yesterday with sisi. I bought a pair of high heels, some t-shirts and two pairs of tight pants. Shopping makes me feel wonderful. Now i need  manicure-peticure and  a face treatment. Then i'll feel much much better. Thank God teaching lessons end at the end of the month. I'm spiritually exhausted. 
today the plan is:  go walking since i cannot practise pilates yet, visit my pilates teacher, teaching German. mmmm, weekend is coming and i have too much cleaning to do, reset closets and pack winter clothes. Other weekend plans: visit family and friends, drink wine, bake cookies, practise pilates and yoga. 
have the best time ever!! 
(photo of code poet)


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