23 May 2011

something weird

hi pumpkins. how are you doing? i had a peaceful weekend, visited my brother who had a name celebration and cleaned the house. i didn't do much because i still feel exhausted of the recent illness i got through. My neighbourhood was in a messy,cheerful and erotic mood because we had an erotica exhibition in the exhibition center one block away. The roads were full of people, traffic and noise. 
I was returning home from teaching the other day (1st day of the exhibition) when a car stopped near me. I thought that he got lost and wanted to ask something. He told me smiling that i was so beautiful, i made such an impression that he wanted to know me. I was caught in the sudden. He was cute, kind (and much younger than me), i couldn't do anything else than smile and deny. He insisted and started asking questions if i'm single. The statement that i'm married and happy with my guy didn't discourage him. He proposed me a wild sex night or a wild sex of five moments. I replied that five moments of wild sex don't offer more than instant pleasure and people need more than that. After that he'll be empty again. He should search of what he completes him. I doubt if he was listening to me. I was thinking : "what am i doing here? why am i still talking? should have i tried the five minutes of wild sex instead? ". The boy wanted sex and i gave him lecture.  I was furious when he said "i had an affair in the past and she was married and 35". I wanted to scream "who told you that all married women of 35 are desperate enough to get in the road and get hooked up with the first kid that come in their way?" and "I'm 37". I was shocked because he was so straight asking me to have sex and we had just met.  I told him that i sensed that he deserved more than instant sex. He started the engine and i left wondering what was all that about. It was definetely a good push of my ego but it left me wonder; What would another woman do? Am i from another planet? To be completely honest he was very handsome and that made me think; what makes such a guy run in the streets for love? Are they alone? or are they sex addicted?? 
tell me what you think. i still believe that the incident was a moment of truth; about my beliefs and reactions.
have a happy week. may life surprise you positively.  

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