28 July 2011


yesterday i went to Kiato, a city of Pelopponese, two hours away from Athens to visit my german teacher Efi. She stays there on vacation. I had a great time. Lying in the sun i felt grateful for having these happy moments. We ate chinese, she is a great cook, drank wine, discussed about news and worries but also memories. We are friends for over 15 years. She also remains my teacher, more like an older sister. I had a very relaxing day. My batteries are full to face new challenges. i wish you had a great time in your holidays as i did. 
today is the last day of training at the gym. It closes for summer. So i'll exercise alone from tomorrow. This day gives me melancholy each year. It's something like birthdays. it reminds me that a year more is over. 
i'll think of you...

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