26 July 2011

Where did friends go??

hi pumpkins... i had much work to do at work and i haven't wished you "happy week". I still didn't have the chance to go swimming. Tomorrow may be the first time of this year. Efi ( my teacher and friend), whom i visit tomorrow told me that the sea has waves these days. I do prefer it calm, like a swimming pool. It's summer and i haven't loosen up at work, not a bit. i hate that. I also hate the fact that i invited some friends for dinner next Saturday and almost everybody and i mean "everybody" refused. Am i such a bad person? Has everyone got something better to do? Are they all too preoccupied with themselves?? So i'm cooking to those you accepted the invitation and i may invite some new. I hate that and i can't tell that the refusal didn't affect our relationship or my feelings, cause it did. too much in fact. I'm sick of excusing others all the time and looking for good intentions. I'll get through it, that is for sure. Time changes, so do people and friendships. When we say that relationships change levels, who said they lift, they may surely fall. 
don't let my mood spoil yours. smile.... i'll do the same right now. 
love you. take care 

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